Political Culture 11/1 4:00 AM It’s Not Him, It’s You Obama apologists channel their inner Brecht.
Medical History 11/1 5:00 AM The Great Inoculators Salk, Haffkine, and their vaccines.
Big Government 10/31 5:08 PM Feds Fund PMS Study Does it make women drink too much, and can meditation stop it?
Obamacare 10/30 5:15 PM Health-Care Hell The perils of the Affordable Care Act.
Culture Watch 10/31 12:00 AM What Monsters Portend A word about The Walking Dead
Culture Watch 10/30 5:51 PM Cat-Calling Is Real And yes, it’s a huge problem.
Culture Watch 10/31 4:00 AM Eight Most Absurd PC Police Halloween Rules Beware the “deadly system of oppression.”
2014 10/30 8:00 PM A Referendum on Competence Why Tuesday looks so bad for Dems.
The Second Amendment 10/31 12:00 AM A New War on Women Gun-owning rape victims don’t rate.
Political Culture 10/31 4:00 AM Losing the War for Women Women are not reliably liberal on social issues.
Israel 10/30 5:30 PM Chickensh*t, Heal Thyself Obama blames Israel for his own failures.
Republicans/Right 10/31 2:00 PM How to Win Hispanics’ Votes There’s no need to pander on immigration.
2014 10/31 12:00 AM The Outsourcing Canard Desperate Dems embrace a false talking point.
Impromptus 10/31 12:00 AM Oslo Journal, Part V Jay Nordlinger on a mega-question, a treasurable girl, a standing man, Pussy Riot, and more.
2014 10/31 12:00 AM The Democrats’ Silent Dogs Talking points that Dems stay quiet about.
The World 10/31 4:00 AM Argentina’s New Low The nation won’t face its creditors.
2014 10/31 12:00 AM The Same Old Song In 2014, Democrats still invoke Jim Crow.
The Second Amendment 10/31 12:00 AM Joni Ernst Is Right On Guns Her 9 mm insurance policy is the American way.
Voter Fraud 10/30 10:00 AM Non-Citizens Are Voting In numbers large enough to tip close elections.
Culture Watch 10/30 12:00 AM Our Make-It-Up World Do bothersome facts matter anymore?
Big Government 10/30 2:40 PM Purse Party at the GSA Private selling on government time.
Cities 10/30 6:23 PM Mayor Menino, R.I.P. Not a conservative, but a good mayor regahdless.
Movies 10/30 3:08 PM Godard Goes 3D Legendary New Wave filmmaker takes on 2014 in Goodbye to Language.
The Economy 10/30 10:27 AM For Richer What an intact family has to with the American Dream, in six charts.
Parody 10/29 3:46 PM Cory’s World The real NARAL Cory Gardner ad, in full.
Music 10/29 4:02 PM On Our Bachs Feminists and media fall for a bogus theory that advances sisterhood by libeling two famous women.
2014 10/29 4:00 PM Still Battling Cuomo Rob Astorino, fighting the good fight.
Education 10/29 12:54 PM Caving on ‘Purple Penguins’ A gender-neutral training document will be tossed out.
Economics 10/29 2:00 PM Shine on Your Shoes The case for a $100 shoeshine.
2014 10/29 8:00 PM Georgia’s Free-Market Man Will the state’s voters embrace David Perdue?
Ebola 10/29 2:51 PM Kaci Hickox’s Selfishness The Ebola nurse’s flipside to American generosity.
The Left 10/29 5:30 PM Some Greens Branch Out Now they’re funding pro-abortion ads.
The Middle East 10/30 4:00 AM Get Tough with Turkey Stop supporting terrorism, or get out of NATO.
The Budget 10/30 12:00 AM Spending: Our Grave Disease When you’re in a hole, stop digging.​
▶  SENATE  •  KY
McConnell +5
Baker +7
The Left 10/31 2:54 PM The Left Eats Itself A video about cat-calling is apparently racist.
Ebola 11/1 4:00 AM Idiotic Quarantine Objections There is no “stigma.”
Science Demands Quarantines It’s no disrespect to health workers.
Congress 10/31 4:54 PM A Lame-Duck Showdown? Why conservatives are already troubled by House leadership’s plans.
Iran 11/1 12:00 AM The Coming Détente with Iran An Obama adviser: It’s “health care for us.”
2014 10/31 6:30 PM A Return to the JFK-Reagan Economic Model A GOP win on Tuesday signals it’s time to start.
Books 10/31 3:02 PM President Carolla, For Real Change The filmmaker, comedian and podcast king aims for the White House in President Me.

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