2014 10/21 6:51 PM Whither Wendy? Her embarrassing career should be finished.
WMD Controversy 10/21 4:00 AM The Biggest Lie Why is the NYT suddenly focused on WMD?
Economics 10/21 4:00 AM What to Do about ‘Inequality’ Janet Yellen isn’t all wrong.
Faith and Family 10/21 12:00 PM The Liberating Power of Truth George Weigel on the synod on the family.
The Synod’s Real Success Doctrine is set to strengthen, not change.
Rome Helps the Family Recovering truths about love, through mercy.
The Obama Administration 10/21 12:50 PM Eric Holder’s Lament He wanted to curb even more of your rights.
Ebola 10/20 3:20 PM Crying ‘Racism’ on Ebola Skin color isn’t driving Americans’ fears.
POTUS 10/21 12:00 AM Obama’s Empathy Problem Americans no longer believe he cares.
The Media 10/21 12:00 AM Predatory Journalism The NYT’s editorial demagoguery
Media Scarier than Ebola Creating a nationwide hysteria.
Ferguson 10/21 12:00 AM The Ferguson Farce Self-indulgent triviality.
Education 10/20 1:37 PM Farce of the Penguins Nebraska school district silences parents over weird gender-identity training program.
Movies 10/20 5:34 PM The Pitt of War Fury wipes the smirk off Brad Pitt's face; Diplomacy stages the struggle over Paris.
The Law 10/21 12:00 AM Wanted: Discrimination Suits Some laws and regulations need challenging.
History 10/21 12:00 AM Political Decay Is accountable government bound to decline?
2014 10/21 4:00 AM Another Blue Pick-Up? The GOP gubernatorial candidate has a chance in Rhode Island.
Energy 10/20 4:00 AM Ron Klain’s Solyndra Ties He was a central player in the fraud.
Middle East 10/20 2:00 PM Saudi Arabia and Iran Clash Tensions spike between the Mideast powers.
Politics 10/19 12:00 AM Rove the Bipartisan Bogeyman He wins elections, so left & right hate him.
2014 10/19 6:00 PM The Trouble with Early Voting It favors incumbents and invites fraud.
Economics 10/20 4:00 AM Appalachia’s Enduring Poverty A lesson about socially targeted welfare
Culture Watch 10/20 5:02 PM A Cold-Hearted Corporation Ben and Jerry’s ignores claim that “Hazed and Confused” flavor is offensive.
Election 2016 10/20 2:58 PM Pick Six The case for one six-year presidential term.
2014 O’s Enablers in the Senate Dems have supported his reign of misrule.
The Fictitious ‘War on Women’ . . . and why it won’t affect Cory Gardner.
Charlie’s Second Chance Mass. might resume tradition of GOP execs.
Ebola 10/18 4:00 AM Putting the ‘O’ in EbOla Govt. incompetence is on full display
The Left’s Ebola Problem Fears of incompetence are not hysteria.
Islamic State 10/20 4:00 AM Fighting to Lose Obama’s coalition is falling apart.
Religion 10/20 12:00 AM Roman Renewal New life for solid truths.
Ebola 10/18 4:00 AM The Ebola Breaking Point When public lies and incompetence go too far.
Frieden’s Nanny State The CDC director engineered NYC’s.
California 10/18 2:03 PM Big Shiny Corruption North Korea-worthy coronation as unions complete their takeover of America's largest state.
The Middle East 10/18 4:00 AM Ruined History In the wild wild east, nothing is safe.
The Economy 10/17 7:00 PM Lower Oil Prices Are Unambiguously Good The GOP should dare Obama to do more.
The Ferguson Shooting 10/17 12:00 PM A New Villain in Ferguson Protesters target Walmart.
Movies 10/17 2:20 PM Bird Droppings Self-involved artists ego-tripping in Listen Up Philip and Birdman
History 10/18 4:00 AM Lincoln as War President A man of practical wisdom.
2014 10/18 12:00 AM The Macaca Dems Their gaffe-prone candidates are a joke.
2014 10/17 3:00 PM A Timely Accusation Now they try to drag Joni Ernst in some mud.
Ebola 10/17 4:00 AM The Ebola Administration Two cheers for the politics of fear
Ebola vs. Civil Liberties Time to reset the balance.
Ebola-Crisis Lessons We must learn from serious missteps.
2014 10/17 4:00 AM Kay Hagan’s October Surprise $400K in stimulus funds to her family.
Marriage 10/17 10:51 AM The Church’s Crisis of Faith Good-bye to marriage?
2014 10/17 12:00 AM Attack of the Quasi Clintons “Clinton Democrat” = “I’m not Obama.”
Radio Ad War Iowa businessman touts new appeal to minorities.
As Goes Maine . . . . . . so goes welfare reform.
Political Culture 10/17 12:00 AM The Unequal-Pay Delusion Most women see parity in their own workplaces.
Higher Ed 10/16 5:42 PM Protesting Rape = Rape An anti-rape-culture rally at Arizona State is deemed sexist.
▶  SENATE  •  AR
Cotton +8
▶  SENATE  •  KY
McConnell +3

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