Islamic State 10/1 12:00 AM O’s Mixed Messages on War Bombing ISIS while cutting defense spending
National Security 10/1 12:00 AM About Those AWOL Afghans A few pesky questions
Britain 10/1 4:00 AM The Lackluster Conservative Party Facing hits from the right and left, it falters.
Congress 10/1 12:00 AM The CR Charade Another irresponsible, irregular “budget.”
Culture Watch 9/30 1:06 PM Sexism in Size S Feminists worry “Training to Be Batman’s Wife” T-shirt will kill girls’ ambitions.
Impromptus 10/1 12:00 AM Fraternal Relations, Part I Jay Nordlinger on the Castros and North Korea.
Life 10/1 4:00 AM Making Roe a Relic Sharla Cloutier on pro-life counterrevolution
Political Culture 10/1 12:00 AM Do Your Duty We’re obliged to vote intelligently.
Asia 9/30 1:00 PM Why Beijing Won’t Back Down It can’t let the Hong Kong movement spread.
2014 Elections 9/30 7:45 AM Midterm Election Roundup Bad news and good news for the GOP.
Economics 9/30 4:00 AM The Gelded Age The inequality bed-wetters are misleading you.
Religion 9/29 5:45 PM Islam and the Literal Truth When words dictate beheadings.
The Middle East 9/30 12:00 AM Hatred and Violence What the Arab world produces
The Second Amendment 9/29 3:38 PM Obamacare for Guns? Is the Right losing its way on gun rights?
The Middle East 9/30 4:00 AM Obama Betrays the Kurds Having denounced ISIS, he does nothing.
The Middle East 9/30 4:00 AM Iraq Was Then, Syria Is Now Conveniently short media memories.
Science 9/30 1:00 PM C. P. Snow and Neil de Grasse Tyson What a 1950s “public sage” could teach Tyson.
Education 9/29 3:30 PM Sex Ed for Six-Year-Olds Parents revolt when Nevada school board considers sex ed in kindergarten.
The Middle East 9/30 12:00 AM An Illusory Victory Obama’s foolhardy “mission accomplished”
The Obama Administration 9/29 5:49 PM Clap-Off If we were really surprised by ISIS, James Clapper should be fired.
Islamic State 9/30 12:00 AM O’s ISIS Policy in Context He’s channeling his inner Andrew Jackson.
2014 Elections 9/30 12:00 AM The ‘Party of the Rich’? It’s Dems who support corporate welfare.
Political Culture 9/28 4:00 AM Five Reasons You’re Too Dumb To Vote No. 1: You listen to Lena Dunham.
Political Culture 9/30 12:00 AM Obama’s Transparency He keeps tipping off our enemies.
The Middle East 9/30 4:00 AM We Are All Nazarenes Now Fr. Benedict Kiely on Christian solidarity
Eric Holder 9/28 7:15 PM Al Sharpton Empowered Holder’s legacy: racial polarity
Middle East 9/29 4:00 AM Idealism Kills Bush, Obama, and the Middle East.
Latin America 9/29 12:00 PM High-Flying Drug Links Ecuador’s president is in deep.
War on Terror 9/27 4:00 AM The Bogus ‘Khorosan Group’ You never heard of it since it doesn’t exist.
Culture Watch 9/27 4:00 AM Kill the Messengers Why the war on women can never end.
2014 9/29 4:00 AM Comstock for Congress Support a true conservative in VA-10.
Virginia Senate Race Tightens Gillespie’s focus and cheer boost his chances.
Islamic State 10/1 4:00 AM Send Them Back Why we must have ground troops in Iraq.
2014 10/1 4:00 AM A Different Kind of Candidate Elise Stefanik breaks the GOP mold.
Immigration 10/1 4:00 AM Whistleblowin’ in the Wind The Feds punished Border Patrol agent Zermeno.
The Left 9/30 4:18 PM Parody Outpaces Reality WaPo’s pathetic self-censorship
Culture Watch 10/1 4:00 AM Futures Trading The worlds we imagine, the world we make.
Terrorism 10/1 4:00 AM The Terrorists at Home There’s been a flurry of disturbing attacks.
The Obama Administration 9/30 8:05 PM Krauthammer’s Take The Secret Service is out of control.

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