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The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is the latest jurisdiction to join the legal war against President Trump. It ruled that Trump’s executive order temporarily banning travel from certain countries was unconstitutional mainly because of his campaign rhetoric about Muslims. Never mind that he backed away from that campaign talk. Never mind that his executive order doesn’t even touch the vast majority of the Muslim world. Past remarks were enough to poison the policy of the present. Thus, an executive order that would be lawful under any other president is unlawful under Trump. This is politically motivated judicial malpractice, and one hopes that the Supreme Court will restore legal rationality. Trump, however, is determined to be his own worst enemy. In a series of tweets that the justices may consider, he contradicted his own lawyers’ arguments and signaled that tougher policies may be on the way. Trump should restrain himself and let his lawyers do their job. National security and constitutional jurisprudence are too important to risk through online bluster.

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